Velkommen til naturen
Unfortunately due to legal complications we are not allowed to sell to US until 2019

Our mission is to
inspire and help
everyone to

In modern, busy lives, getting outdoors can be difficult due to a million different reasons. And for this very reason, we believe connecting with nature is more important than ever (research agrees). However, the world doesn’t need another outdoor brand, it needs a better alternative.


Regardless of religion, complexion, social status, and body shape: Our mission is to inspire and help everyone to #GetOut and connect with nature through outdoor recreation. That’s why we join forces with others to make the outdoors more accessible and more attractive. 

We partner up with people and organizations who are passionate about helping others to connect with nature, directing 5% of the revenues to promote and encourage sustainable outdoor recreation. They may help severely injured people experience nature again, create an alternative hangout spot outdoors for young kids or arrange tours for people who've spent most of their time inside. Regardless, we all aim for the same; getting people out. 

Our partners


For him, they, and her. For slow pace, rapid roads, long days, short trips, cool nights and sunny days - and everything in between. We want everyone to get out there, on their own terms, in their own way, all over the world, as often as possible. We want people to inspire each other, get stoked, to share and to care. That’s why we make premium versatile outdoor essentials for ordinary everyday adventures. Through our generic design, lifetime quality and repair promise we aim to extend the product lifecycle, reduce consumption and waste.

We believe that outdoor companies should take their responsibility to improve the world. Since we build Whiteout from scratch, we have the opportunity to build a much bigger corporate tax to help develop the world in a right direction.


  1. Share the Whiteout commitment to good, clean, and fair work and life.
  2. In a passionate pursuit to design, responsibly produce, and sell products and experiences that enrich life, community, and planet
  3. Conscious, green commitment
  4. Purchase and use resources as close to home as possible
  5. Enrich as many lives as possible
  6. Provide abundant fiscal rewards to ourselves and our community
  7. Show love and care in all-out action
  8. Give service that makes people happy


The more we share, the better for everyone. To meet the challenges and help our planet, ourselves and the future generations, we have to be open about what we do. Only then can we all improve and inspire each other to change course for the better. That’s why we invite everyone to see our processes, our office, our people, our cost break down, our factories, our materials, and join our mission.

Learn more about our work here.

So, this is the deal. With Whiteout, we believe we can use business as a vehicle for change and inspiration. By utilizing the advantage of running one of the world’s leading outdoor companies, we can free ourselves from the restraints of a traditional wholesale model. This gives us the opportunity to be as sustainable, available and transparent as we can be, and deliver premium outdoor products directly to a wide audience with a price point lying 30-35% lower than competitive brands.